Improving the service life of vital components is an important factor for any manufacturer, especially those designing and producing mission critical vehicles for highly corrosive environments such as the mining industry.

When it comes to a heavy mining operation, around-the-clock production, the relentless operative conditions, and the size and weight of the equipment will cause damage and considerable wear to common components. Some components pose maintenance issues due to their prohibitive size and location, such as the hydraulic and transmission systems; and final drive components.

While manufacturers are keen to find a solution to avoid the need to scrap parts, they also want to maximise component performance, reduce downtime, and execute a proven repair before failure.

The benefits of selective brush plating include the ability to accurately focus the plating onto specific areas of a component, enabling parts to be plated in-situ, which can drastically reduce downtime and minimise production delays. Selective plating is best suited for localised areas on inside and outside diameters or flat surfaces. In contrast to tank plating, selective brush plating does not require extensive masking or special fixtures to plate the component.

The length of time a plating operation will take is primarily determined by the amount of material that needs to be applied. In market-leading selective brush plating systems, deposits can be plated at rates that are 30 to 60 times faster than conventional tank plating. The performance and cost differences that these factors can make to maintaining, enhancing or repairing critical components can be significant.

While damage from wear, corrosion or mis-machining can be repaired using selective brush plating, this innovative solution should not just be considered for repair or salvage. The full range of pure metal and alloy deposits available offer enhanced wear resistance, increased surface hardness, low electrical contact resistance or corrosion protection; all important considerations for the mining industry.

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